Saturday, 7 May 2011


Hiya people, wots good? I am happy today cos summer is approaching and i sure can't wait! Anyhoos, i saw this on TV, i think on AY show ( A comedy show) last year or was it 2 years ago? i really can't remember. A question was posted on facebook and people had to say what they would do if it happened to them. The question was WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND slaps your mother?!  Kai!

To my greatest surprise one silly man's response was '' If she deserves it why not?''  As in really? seriously?? God forbid oh,but if it happens, heaven will sure receive a visitor. I don't know who would kill who but someone must die lol. ( just kidding) but on a serious note, it will take only the grace of God for the pig to succeed  cos i will so sepe ( place curse) on him, how dare he? Mscheww!
Over to you guys what would you do?


Ginger said...

The guy that can slap my mother has probably been beating me senselessly. The madness doesnt start in one day... If I havent defended myself, then i prolly cant defend my mother.

Olori said...

i kuku know my madness. hell will be expecting a visitor dat day o nd it cant be me. common for person to talk to mumsy anyhow i dey vex den e come reach slap say who die? but as ginger said, d madness fittnt start in one day. dere must be history either with u or other ppl wey im don beat before. but on d other hand, some women arent fit to be called mothers so if d slap reach dat kain person, i fit support d man with second slap lol

Ms.Buki said...

Hahaha! @ Olori's response. I hear that. But no way! whether she's a fit mother or not, it's not my boyfriend's place. That's just too much disrespect. Kai!

Ope Adebayo said...

Hehehe. You guys are funny. I agree with what you have all said. Thanks for visiting my blog.