Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Sup sup! How are we doing? I hope we are all doing fine? I am. I am so excited, i am going to Nigeria for some time and i will be leaving soon. Sorry i haven't really been active here, its cos i have been dead busy. I have been running around for the preparation of my trip. Anyways there's something i have been willing to chat about but due to some reasons i decided to shut up.But recently i have been seeing alot of things that wanna make me express myself on this issue. Oya lemme ask you lovelies, would you allow your daughter to date at 13?Ok 16? The other day i was going home, i sat at the bus stop patiently waiting for my bus when i was this girl and her boyfriend, i swear she can't be older than 16, they were technically forcing tongues in each other's throat, you guys need to see my facial expression, it was like.....    I thought to myself shouldn't she be at home? because it was around past 8pm. There were times i have seen teenage girls  hanging out and cuddling boys at ungodly hours.Is this because we are in the 21st century? I remember when i was 16, God knows i wasn't allowed all these. My mum was so strict about any issue concerning boys. Who born my maga to be talking and flirting with boys not to mention having boyfriend... But..but i had my first boyfriend when i was 15 and my mum didn't know about it and the relationship didn't even last for a month because i was so scared my mum would find out and i was kinda scared of the guy too because he was about 18. I didn't have my next one till i was 20. What age would you allow your daughter to start a relationship? As for me, when she's 23 .. OK 19. loll. Let me know what you think people.

Friday, 12 August 2011


I met this talented and hilarious writer sometime last year on a website called naijastories.His story was the first story i came  across and it got me rolling on the floor.  I find his stories amusing, this guy is just too funny. Here's the story. Enjoy!
Primary school they say is the level in ones academic life, where the primary foundation of knowledge is laid. Most of the time it’s also been said to dictate intellectual success. I should be ashamed of myself for saying this, but I loathed primary school ‘hoha’! with every breadth in me. Part of the motivation for that being the undue and irrelevant pressure my teachers put on me to ‘know book’. Fine; they were simply doing their jobs as teachers, but what was the point of flogging me when I failed a sum? Though it was a good measure to get pupils to sit up and put in more effort, which might have worked for some, all it did was wane my enthusiasm for school.
My five years in primary school was less than mundane. I had no clue why I was actually in school, and I guess most pupils my age felt exactly the same way. As far as I was concerned, we just went to school because other children went to school, and other children went to school because other children went to school. Or like Terry G would say, “we go school just to go catch our groove”. Even though I was no more than six years old, I knew exactly where I wanted to be. My only compulsion as a child then was to be anywhere but school, and whenever we broke off for holidays, I was like an untamed beast. Perhaps if I had had ‘really good’ teachers who knew how to properly teach children, maybe I would have seen school in a different light. But I had some of the most ‘useless’ teachers (sorry to say) that you could ever imagine.
I may sound disrespectful or irrational, but I’m just being honest. Hell; what did I know?
I was no more than ten years old, but I knew a good teacher from a rubbish one. And I’ll tell you how you know the really good ones, because some fifteen odd years later, as I write this, I can still remember their names. There were only two of them in my five years of primary school. Shame. Uncle Alex in primary three, and Uncle Peter in primary five, and I would recognize them if they walked past me today.
Just before beginnig primary three however, I broke my leg over a Cynthia Rothrock movie (where the hell is that lady sef? She just vanished into thin air). That was one karate kick ass lady. I remember this very very vividly. I had just concluded watching one of her movies, when I decided to ‘do as I saw’. I threw a kick in the air, lost my balance and was on the floor very quickly, and a loud popping sound followed. That was the sound of my left lower leg bone snapping in two, and it was the best thing that ever happened in my life at the time. Yay! I couldn’t believe my luck. Come and see victory. For the whole of the first and second term, I was at home while the others went to school. See groove. I got the best royal treatment ever from my parents. By royal treatment, I mean I got just about anything I wanted. Toy guns, cakes, ‘buns’, ‘kpof kpof’, ‘guguru’, new Cynthia Rothrock movies (believe that), loads of other toys, etcetera.
I became the envy of my siblings very fast. But it wasn’t all smiles when I had to see the bone mender every Saturday. It usually took about six people to restrain me whenever this old woman treated me. I would thrash around and scream the life off my little lungs as she applied whatever on my broken leg and then wound and twisted it like say we quarrel. How a qualified doctor could recommend this form of alternative medicine for a little boy like me was beyond my comprehension. In fact I cursed that doctor tire! And my twin would always tease “next time don’t play karate you hear?” Mcheeww!
Anyway I got the biggest surprise one day when Uncle Alex paid me a visit. My mum had broadcasted the ‘news’ to my class and this man was humane enough to follow her home to see his naughty pupil. It did and still does mean a lot to me and I just can’t thank him enough for simply caring. It was a good experience sha; breaking my leg I mean. Hehehe.
The leg healed anyway, after some six months and I went back to school. Very sad. Mcheeww!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Looked for a good title for this post but i just couldn't find any. I am so pissed off right now. I mean what's up with this silly and unruly kids rioting? The families of the man that was shot want peace so why the heck are you disrupting the peace of others? People's lives have to be on hold for what? I just think this people are just thieves and opportunist, breaking into shops and stealing there stuff mscheww.  The picture of this silly black cow was posted on facebook; she had tights on her head covering her face, and making away with two packs of supermalt ole oshi mscheww. The annoying part of it is that i live outside London and the people ( i believe the oyinbo kids ) in my area have broken into this man's grocery store to steal his things. The incident happened in London so it's none of our biznezz for crying out loud. I just pray this is over by Wednesday because i have places to be! I Just heard that the Nandos in my area have been looted too ( Mehn free chicken and corn on the cob)lol.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Y'ello  lovelies. How are we doing? This weekend was our youth anniversary and the theme was S'OLD OUT- Empowered by the spirit.  We started on Thursday and everyone had a perfect day in the presence of God. We opened with aerobics, football and BBQ and  Friday was out of this world. We had a guest speaker who talked to us  about the power behind media. I know most of us, if not all of us are aware of this Illuminati  stuff and the subliminal messages in worldly songs. All the stuff this man said was shocking. Even Disney channel isn't safe anymore. The reason why i decided to share this with you lovelies is that i want you all to be  conscious of what you watch and listen to. We watched a video about this man-apparently he's the founder of MTV, he was interviewed and what he said about this popular channel was shocking and disturbing. I didn't know it was going to be that powerful, i would have brought my camera with me to  video-tape the whole thing and post it here for you  guys. Please people i beg you, be mindful of what you watch and listen to. Mothers please be careful about the programs your children watch. The devil is bent on  getting us, we must not give him any chance what so ever to get us. I pray the grace of the lord will continue to guide us in all we do. Do not say ' oh this isn't real.'believe me it is. It is well.