Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sam and Maxwell's story (2)

‘’ Lara, i must confess to you i am really getting fed up about this pregnancy issue’’.  Sam said to her friend.  Both of them were seated at the balcony of Lara’s house. It was a sunny day.  Lara and her boyfriend of just six months had decided to host a barbeque for some friends. 
‘’ I am not going to say i know how you feel dear, cos honestly i don’t. Just put your hope and trust in God, He has given you an amazing husband, that any reasonable woman  could ask for. Am sure he’s not complaining.’’ Lara said looking over her shoulders to make sure Max wasn't anywhere near them.
‘’ He’s been amazing to be honest, he hasn't for once complained about my bareness. I suggested an adoption few days ago but he disagreed and suggested we should wait on God.


‘’Are you alright now or should i get you more water to drink?’’  Max said parting his wife on the back. She had been complaining of stomach upset and dizziness for some days. ‘’ This early pregnancy symptoms of mine is overwhelming but i can’t complain. We are finally gonna be parents Max, we are gonna be complete.’’ she said with a big smile that lit the whole room.  Max loved seeing his wife happy, he loved seeing her smile. The smile that attracted her to him back in the days. ‘’ I am happy for us dear. Let me take you downstairs and prepare something for you to eat. I am gonna make your favourite’’ Maxwell said with a big grin on his face. After eating a plate  of lobster with French fries, washed down with a glass of lemonade. Samantha felt better. ‘’ ‘’Thanks honey for the meal, it was scrumptious. Only God knows who’s cooking is better’’ Sam teased her husband. ‘’ Before i forget, is tomorrow not your appointment with Doctor Thomas?’’ 
‘’ Damn! I totally forgot. ’’ Sam said cupping her mouth with her hand. ‘’ I guess forgetfulness is part of your symptoms. Maxwell teased his wife again.  ‘’ You sure will say that again tonight when i don’t allow you to do you know what’’. Gosh honey, you know how much i love that. Ok am sorry, i was only pulling your legs.

I am sorry this is short. Work has been really hectic so i couldn't write as much as i intended to but i hope to finish it up as soon as i can. Thanks for reading


Her Lioness said...

Woaw shes finally preg! Keep 'em coming...

Ope Adebayo said...

Lol. Thanks Her Lioness.

kitkat said...

is she faking the pregnancy?

Ope Adebayo said...

Lets wait and see. Nice to have you back.