Sunday, 6 November 2011

No title.

*Ignores cobwebs* Hi people, its been ages and i have missed you guys. I now live in Nigeria and am trying to find my  balance. I have actually been looking for something to blog about for a long time but i couldn't find anything interesting, i wanted to talk about my experience here in Nigeria, and how i find a lot of people awfully rude but because some people have done that, i decided not to do it. But something happened recently. I heard a story of this couple that have been married for over ten years, and all of a sudden, the husband started acting funny, beating the wife to pulp and stuff. I gathered that, the guy is just plain jealous of the wife's success and he is intimidated by it. Why on earth would a man be intimidated by his wife's success? I don't get it, its really beyond my comprehension.  If your wife's income is more than yours, then find something else to do, something productive instead of beating and blaming the poor woman for your misfortune. I don't know how true this story is, but am sure some men are like that. After years of marriage, the wife will now turn to a stranger, they no longer eat or do anything at home, they beat the wife if she happens to be making more money, they blame the wife for hindering their success/progress. I think this men are just ridiculous and need a powerful man of God to deliver them.

To men: If your wife is making a lot of money than you, would you be intimidated?