Thursday, 30 June 2011

Birthday+Latest info.

It's finally here! This girl is 25 today. I really thank God for giving me the privilege to see today, all glory and honor to his name. I wasn't actually looking forward to today due to some reasons+ the fact that am pushing 30! But all the same i thank God am still very much alive. So remember my last blog? I finally told him and he said it's no problem. You guy need to see the way i was rendering serious prayers cos i didn't know what to expect from him, i thank God i was able to get it over with. I really appreciate all your suggestions on how to handle the situation, thanks guys i appreciate it.

Friday, 24 June 2011


Hello people, i guess you guys are doing great? This is just a random post.I actually contemplated   on weather or not to post this thing here but i actually decided to cos i need people's suggestions about this issue.
How do i start? Ok,lemme just brief you guys. I met this guy like 4 months ago and he immediately made his intentions known to me. He told me he's in love with me and he actually would like to marry me. Funny bah? I actually laughed when he said it and i told him i wasn't ready for any relationship cos i was still heart broken from my previous one.  He started calling me every night and i must say i kinda enjoy talking to him. The thing is, i can't date this guy becos he's not my type, God forgive me, he doesn't have anything i desire in a man. See guys, this guy is dead jealous,i mean JEALOUS. I am not dating him and he already questions my movements,  if he calls and i don't pick my phone on time he questions why. Sometime last month, he told me, i was giving him high blood pressure and that i was leading him on, and he doesn't wanna take no for an answer, he even said he knows i like him and that i wanna marry him and that i am just being childish.  I am really fed up, i don't know what to do cos he doesn't wanna take no for an answer. Please guys, what can i do to make him understand i don't have any feeling what so ever for him?


Friday, 10 June 2011


 Hello  people how have we been? Good? Like wise. Work has been really insane and i hardly have time  for myself. Anyways here is my own bag and its contents. I don't carry too many things in it because the weight of the bag is heavy on its own so i only carry basic stuff.

Erm.... I have shoe boxes just in case i have a shoe emergency. Ok am just kidding, ignore the boxes please. The black stuff is my make-up bag, next to it is my deodorant in case i need to freshen up. My Treson Lancome perfume. ( Yeah, i know its an old perfume but this baby smells gorgeous). I also have my wallet, inside i have my oyster card, some money, my house key and my other cards. My phone is sitting on a letter. I like to always hold a letter just in case i need to produce a proof of my address. So that's it people that's it.