Friday, 20 May 2011


Today was one of the embarrassing moments of my life. The day i threw up on a silly ride was, and still the most embarrassing day of my entire life but i will leave that for another day. So today i totally embarrassed my self in Tesco, for those outside UK, Tesco is a grocery store. So yeah i decided to go there to get some few things. I was feeling so finee  wearing a very short dress that i have been warned severally not to wear without wearing leggings  So after getting all the stuff i went there for, i opened my purse to pay for my goods and there all my coins fell on the floor. First thing that came to my mind was Ope, how are u gonna bend down to pick ur money? There was nothing i could do other than to hold my dress at the back and bend, it was uncomfortable and kneeling on the floor to pick them didn't even come to my mind. Thank God, a fine looking young man finally came to my rescue and picked them for me, i couldn't stop saying thank you to him because there was no way i would bend without revealing my bum cheeks and no one wants to see that.

I remember the day i wore the same dress to go see my sister in London, i didn't know i was gonna meet my aunty in her house. On getting there,she looked at me from head to toe and said '' What is this you are wearing, are you not suppose to be a child of God?'' I told her i feel comfortable wearing short dresses and in fact i don't think that stops me from being a child of God that i am. Back in Nigeria, my mum  used to yell whenever i wear revealing or short outfits, she says its not Godly. I don't believe in that because i strongly believe in the fact that as long as i feel comfortable in it....... Anyways what do you guys think about this? Does wearing short dresses/skirts stopp you from being a child of God?


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Hmmmm....with dressing i always believe you should dress the way you want to be addressed. If Jesus truly was coming tomorrow, would you like to be caught in that? sometimes we have to stop doing things not just because we want to but because of those around us :)

Olori said...

i see ur aunts point but my thing is its all part of what i call the holiness code: those outward signs dat ppl look at to judge if she/he is a Christian. For example, she is wearing d longest brazillian weave with ayamatanga nails with a different color on every nail so she must be a prostitute/runs girl/aristo/escort....not knowing that her fashion sense maybe a bit wild but d same passion she puts in dat look, is d same or more she puts in her personal relationship with God. Forgetting that a girl mayb covered from head to toe with u only seeing her eyes and she may have slept with all the men in d neighbourhood but wen u see her, ppl will say ahh she is a good, Christian girl. my son must marry this one. my point is i dnt know dat d fact dat u wear a long skirt all d time makes u a great Christian and vice versa. As long as it is decent enough...short or long, i think its all good jare. and then if u are going to work or church or anywhere with boobs fallin out den u get wat comes to u (nd pls d way u dress isnt justification for rape pls). I guess my summary is: sometimes in 9ja we focus on these outward things and not focus on the personal aspect which is kinda IMO more important...sorry for d long lecture :)

Ope Adebayo said...

Wow... Thanks Olori and Sisi Yemmie. I understand ur points and you are both right. Like Sisi Yemmie pointed out,would i like to be caught wearing that? No i wouldn't wanna be caught in it, and like Olori said its mind that matters not the thing on the outside, You are both right, i dunno know wot to say. Thanks alot for leaving a comment.

kitkat said...

I dont have many dresses or skirts but i wear bum shorts like almost everytime. I wont wear something i feel is too revealing, i dnt see anything wrong with wearing short dresses as long as they are decent. If it is soo short, i'll probably wear leggings with it cos afterall, i dnt want people seeing my bum lol.
At the same time, wearing maternit gowns aka "mary amaka" doesnt make a person a saint.

Ginger said...

Dressing is a matter of taste/choice/comfort/event/weather/season/location. There is a place and time for every outfit. If you keep that rule you won't go wrong.

p.s Thanks for the visuals of short dress and coins on the floor. lol!

Ope Adebayo said...

@Kitkat: Lol@ marry amaka.
@Ginger: You are right.
Thanks guys for reading.