Sunday, 26 December 2010

Men Sha

’ Scuse me miss’’,
‘’ Hi Beautiful’’.
I heard a deep but startling voice behind me. I turned back, a very tall about 6ft 5’’ frame was standing and beaming smiles at me. His white teeth shone underneath his beautiful dark skin; I noticed he had a ’baby face’, I admired him. ‘’Oh my dayz, he’s soo good-looking’’, I thought to myself but i quickly composed myself before he could read the expression on my face. ‘’May i help you?’’ I asked quickly. He smiled, revealing his beautiful dimples. ‘’ He has dimples!’’ I shrieked in my head.
‘’I am sorry to bother you, I noticed you from a distance and I would love us to be friends’’.
‘’What kind of friend could that be if i may ask?’’, I answered scowling my face, not wanting to look or sound desperate, but in my mind "Yes please!" was my response.
"Actually I would love to know you better, may i have your number?’’ 07568389503, he immediately typed the digits on his blackberry. ‘’I will ring you tonight’’.
"Ok no problem".
"I am Dolapo Martins by the way’’.
"Moroti Adetayo’’, I replied, "nice meeting you".
After saying our goodbyes, I rushed down to McDonalds to give my friend, Sarah the latest ‘gist’.

I couldn’t wait for Dolapo to call me. From time to time, I kept glancing at my phone to check for any mystery number. His tall and slim physique wouldn’t leave my mind, he was all i was thinking about.
‘’This is ridiculous. Moroti get over yourself, he’s probably one of those guys’’, I kept trying to dissuade myself.

At exactly 7:28pm, I had settled on my favourite chair getting ready to watch Eastenders on BBC. Heaven knows i wouldn’t miss it for a thing. The sudden buzz of my phone distracted me. A strange caller I.D appeared on the screen of my iphone. I immediately knew it was Dolapo; I picked it up and answered with my sweetest voice ‘’Hello good evening may I know who is speaking?’’, not that I didn’t know it was him, I just didn’t want him to know I had been waiting for his call.
"This is Dolapo. We met this evening on Oxford Street".
We talked for about 20 minutes and he promised to call the next day. 
Dolapo was all I could think and talk about. He called me every day. He took me to different restaurants and cinemas. He made me feel very special and when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, I didn’t even play my usual ‘hard to get’. I immediately said "yes" and after a year of our relationship, he asked me to get serious with him and that he had fallen ‘head over heels with me. He even asked me to forgo all my male friends because he was the jealous type. I was very happy to hear him say this. I told all my male friends to stay away and didn’t give any attention to the ones that were interested. I was in a serious relationship anyways.....

Bleep...bleep....bleep!!! the buzz of Dolapo’s blackberry woke us up,
"Excuse me sweet, lemme take this outside, its business".
"Ok honey’’. This has been his routine for some months now and I began to question why.

Dolapo’s attitude began to change towards me, he got angry at every little thing I did or said, he stopped ending his every night text with "I Love You’’. In fact he stopped texting me every day and night and he wouldn’t reply my texts or pick my calls and when i questioned his action, he blamed it on the excessive work on his desk". I was confused ‘’
''Has he found someone else’’? I kept asking myself...
The sound of Usher’s ‘’Oh my gosh’’ woke me up from my lost thoughts as my phone rang beside me.

‘’ Hello darling, how are you doing? I have missed you, you know’’. It was Dolapo. 

‘’ Moroti, we need to talk’’. 

Two days later, Dolapo and I arranged to meet up in harvester.
''What will you like to eat?’’.
’’I will just have coke for now, lets go straight to the point''.
''Ok baby’’. Dolapo looked around the room nervously and shifted around in his chair while scratching his neck. ‘’Actually Moroti.... erm... I don’t know how to tell you this but its only fair to tell you”.
My heart started pounding like it was going to fly out of my chest. An inkling of Dolapo cheating sent a cold shiver down my spine. He grabbed hold of my hands, his shimmering light brown eyes came in contact with my hazel almond-shaped eyes; and then he delivered the bomb shell ''Moroti... I am... I am married''.
I laughed nervously. ''You are joking right? Please tell me this is a joke’’.
He held my hands tight. ''Moroti, please listen to me, I am serious... I am married... I am really sorry’’.
I looked into his eyes. He looked serious. My head began to spin and I felt faint. I sat there speechless and I remembered all the promises he made to me, how he promised to always love and cherish me, the night he deflowered me... I got up and dashed out of the room. I didn’t even know how I got home
. I sat on my bed and I heard the sound of thunder storm. It began to rain. I couldn’t even cry, the rain was crying for me. ''How could Dolapo do this to me? I always fantasized us holding hands and walking down the aisle, being with someone I really love. ''No, he can’t be married'', I thought, ‘‘He will knock on my door and tell me he was joking and that it was his special way of proposing to me...''. I kept waiting patiently for ‘Dee’ (as this was his pet name) to knock on my door. The knocks never came.

The next day, there was still no sign of Dolapo. The whole world began to sink in and the head-spinning of the previous day had turned into a full blown migraine. I began to think over the whole thing from the first day we met, and everything began to make sense’’ so that’s why he never invited me to his place, 
but why would he ask me out and even ask me to get serious with him when he knew 
he was married?’’ These are the questions i kept asking myself and couldn’t find 
an answer to. "What am I going to do now? Where am I going to start from? What will i tell my friends? Can I trust any man again?"

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


    From its handout
    Life taught me
     I was naive
    It was tough.
    From its handout
    I learned
    It was impious.
    It also said
    For all thy actions,
    Thou shalt be responsible.
    It also stated:
    Upon irrelevant things
    Thou shalt not waste time,
    For short is the length of life.
    In its handout
    Its is written:
    Time waits for no man.
    It also taught me:
    Your actions,
    Thou shalt control,
    Lest they enslave you.
    In its handout,
    Life taught me
    I learned:
    If thou failest in doing something.
    thou shalt keep trying
    Till thou succeedeth.
    From its handout
    life taugth me
    I also learned:
    That inevitable is death.
    From life 101 handout
    I learned life goes on... no matter what.
    This prayer, pray I:
    That in life's exam,
    May 100% be my score!


Like the gecko, strange thoughts sauntered through my perturbed mind...
...thoughts about life and its strange gestures.
Then I stared at life in the eye...
Its bulging eye balls of brutality stared back at me.
I stared at its two bulging eyeballs.
One stood frigid, one's poise warm.
I stared into its eyes balls
Its frigid eyeball winked at me, the warm eyeball stayed shut.
Again I looked...I observed...
Its warm eyeball winked at other people, its spiteful eyeball shut.
On these I also pondered...
I thought.....uhmm...I guess...
Uhmmm...I guess..... Life choses at will...
It chose to stare its frigid retinas at me!