Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hi my people *waves and winks* I was going  through some things online and i came across this funny story and  i just had to share with you lovelies.

Enjoy  and crack ur ribs.

A 29-year-old self-styled Man of God has been nabbed by the Adenta District Police Command for allegedly inserting his fingers into the private parts of five women under the pretext of praying for them.
Prophet Richard Addo, who claims to be a member of Word Miracle Church at Nungua, a suburb of Accra, was arrested after one of the women boldly reported the incident to the police.

As at press time yesterday, the five complainants had given their statements to the Adenta police about the alleged acts of Prophet Richard Addo.

According to information available to DAILY GUIDE, Prophet Addo also charged the women various amounts of money ranging from GH¢150 to GH¢200 and as well tried to ravage their bodies.

According to one of the victims (named with-held), she met the man of God in November 2010 on the street where he told her that he had had a vision in which a baby was walking behind her and crying.

“I then confessed to him that I have had an abortion before and he said that he will help me pray to break that bondage.

“We then made an appointment to meet at my hostel for prayers. Later, he asked me to give him GH¢150 to purchase olive oil for the deliverance prayers while the remaining balance will also be used as seed money for prayer request.”

According to her, during a subsequent prayer session, Prophet Richard Addo asked her to strip naked in a hotel room while he used the olive oil to rub her whole body, following which he inserted the olive oil into her vagina.

Another victim also narrated that Prophet Richard Addo after meeting her, said it had been revealed to him that she was barren.

“He made me to pay GH¢200 for olive oil and the rest to be used as prayer request fees.”

She maintained that Prophet Richard Addo inserted four of his fingers into her private parts while praying for her.

Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, Adenta District Police Commander, DSP Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, said the victims reported to the police on Monday February 14, 2011 about what they allegedly went through at the hands of the self-styled pastor.

He said one of the victims reported first to the station that the said man of God took her laptop, an amount of GH¢150 and fingered her as well under the pretext of praying for her.

DSP Ahiatafu said in all, five women, some of whom were married and others students, had lodged complaints against the pastor.

“After collecting money from them, Prophet Richard Addo then takes them to a hotel room, rubs olive oil on their bodies, and inserts his fingers into their private parts as well,” the commander said.

He appealed to other women who might have fallen victim to his acts to report at the station.

When the self-styled man of God was asked to demonstrate how he did it, he said he inserted his four fingers into the women’s vaginas with the help of the olive oil.

No be small thing hehehe.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


chinahangingA pair of twin boys had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped on a window grid in Yulin, southern China's Guangxi Province. The two young boys climbed out of the window onto the grid after being left home alone while their parents went to work.

My take on this case is that i really feel sorry for these kids for having careless parents. I don't understand why they should leave  these kids on their own. One of them could have stayed to look after the kids, they are still babies  for crying out loud!. Children are big irresponsibility, they shouldn't have had them when they knew they wouldn't be able to look after them. Mscheww, work in deed. 

Saturday, 23 July 2011


          Yaaay!!! Thanks to Funmi of heartflowsministry,i have been awarded the sunshine award.  God bless you Funmi.  
Erm... The rules of the award are :

*Thank the person who awarded you and link it back to them.
*Tell one thing about your self. 
*Nominate 10 blogs
*Stop by and let them know you chose them

Ok, one thing about me. I read unnecessary meanings to things. I know it's really bad but am working on it.

So i am sharing the award with the following people.

And of course 

Thanks a bunch Funmi. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Asa's 'Be My  Man' is the new song that i can't get off my head! I heard this song last month when i went shopping.I entered newlook and they were playing it. I knew it was a song by a Nigerian singer and i just wanted to yell '' Yeah that's a Nigerian singer!'' but i had to hold my lips because it might just slip out of my mouth( i am weird like that lol) . Anyways i heard this song properly today and i thought wow. I really like this song, the video is amazing and the lyrics is wow. I am so proud to be a Nigerian. Here's the link to watch the video on youtube.


Friday, 8 July 2011


I once posted something something about unruly kids/teenager in UK. I can't just help but add more to this post. If you haven't read it please click here. I am currently staying with a family friend, and some of the kids are so unruly. When i said kids, i mean grown ass men, especially one of them, this guy is 23. Lemme tell you why this guy makes me wanna just S-C-R-E-A-M.!

  • Sucks his thumb and hog the remote all day.
  • He can't clean up after himself, he cannot even wash his own plate. When he removes his socks, one will be in the kitchen, the other one in the utility room. A lot of times, i just wanna jump on this guy and do this.

(Not that i can do it, he will just fling me off like a fly)lol. 
  • Brings his friends over, they will eat and dump their plates in the sink, expecting their ''maid'' to clean up after them

The thing is, i am the only girl in the house and the boys won't clean up, and i hate seeing the house dirty especially the kitchen so i haven't got any choice but to clean it up. Before i started staying with them, i vowed not to pick a fight with any of them because i am only spending the whole of this month wif them but i am going crazy with guy's attitude, i don't know what to do, am losing my patience and that's why i decided to blog about it maybe you guys can tell me what to do/deal with this lazy cow.