Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Don't Let Limitations Limit Vision.

Good evening people, how have we been? Blogging is much harder than i thought,i hail people that update their blog almost everyday 100 Gbosas 4 you.  I have been thinking about what topic to share but i couldn't think of any, but then this evening while checking my email, i saw a message  my brother  sent to me and i thought i should share it with you.

God will not only use your gifts to fulfill your destiny, he'll also use your limitations.

Consider Queen Esther: She had several big limitations that made her perfect for the role God wanted her to fulfill. She was an orphan adopted by Mordecai; she was a minority, a Jew living in a Persian country; and she was a single woman.

And God used all of these things, along with the gifts of her beauty, brains, and personality, to fulfill her destiny. Sometimes what looks like a disaster in your life is part of a much bigger plan. But you will never fulfill your destiny if you are having a pity party.

Esther could have just said, "If only I hadn't been chosen, if only I wasn't Jewish, if only I was like someone else." A lot of people do that. They live their lives in resentment, always looking at people and saying, "Well it must be nice to be them."

If you have that attitude you will never fulfill your destiny.
You have to realize that the unpleasant obstacles in your life are often God-ordained opportunities to make a difference.

You might be in a situation right now where everything is going wrong and you can't figure it out. But God knows. Nothing in your life is accidental. The pleasures and pains, the opportunities and obstacles, God can use it all. There is nothing God cannot use for good in your life if you'll hand it over to him - and then trust him.

This message actually reminds me of a song by this American gospel singer, sorry i don't know her name. The name is song is called HAPPY  BEING ME.. I love this song and i never really listened to the lyrics until few days ago and it says WHATEVER IT IS YOU ARE GOING THROUGH GOD DESIGNED IT TO BLESS YOU.
So please, whatever it is you are going through, its not the end, God has a massive, i mean gigantic blessing in store for you. Remember in Jeremiah 29:11, God says ''  ... For i know the plans i have fr you, plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'' . God honors his word more than his name. He didn't create anyone to suffer, why don't you try less of asking and more of thanking? God will lead us all to our victory in Jesus name. 


kitkat said...

Lovely message. I'm guiltty of self limitation. I need to stop limiting my capability, cos with God by my side, nothing shld be too difficult for me :)

Myne Whitman said...

This is a very nice and inspirational post, thanks for sharing.

*Sweetly Broken* said...

I love this post! It's taught me some things, and how I need to have more confidence in myself. We're all our own best friend and worst enemy. It's better to work toward the 'best friend' aspect of it. Thanks for posting this! :)

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

I tagged you in a post on my blog. Empty your bag lady!!!

Ope Adebayo said...

@ KITKAT: You are right. I think we are all gulty of self limitation in one way or the other and i think the earlier we start to appreicate ourselves regardless of the limitation the better for us. Thanks for readig.

@ Myne: Thanks.

@Sweetly Broken: That's so true! Thanks for visiting my blog.

@Sisi Yemmie: Thanks for tagging me.

Naijamum in L. said...

I have also tagged you - (The Bag Meme)
Pls visit my blog to know more

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER week !


"You have to realize that the unpleasant obstacles in your life are often God-ordained opportunities to make a difference."

My kind of message. Failure or challenges in a man's life should be seen as a stone - either a stepping stone or a stumbling block. Whichever we choose is what we get.

Nice blog.


Ope Adebayo said...

@Naijamum: Thanks for tagging me.
@HARRYGOAZ: Thank you.
@LDP:Thanks for the comment and also for visiting my blog.

Ginger said...

Wonderful message here. Thanks for sharing Ope.

Ope Adebayo said...

Awwww...Thanks Ginger.