Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hiya everyone. This is one of the stories am working on. Work has been really crazy and when i finally get to my room all i want to do is just fire off. Pls bear wif me, i will post the rest as soon as i finish. (Dnt mind any typos, i typed this in a rush cos am at work at the moment).  



‘’ Surprise!’’ Everyone yelled as Maxwell brought Samantha to the well decorated room. Everywhere was filled with colourful balloons with ‘’Happy birthday Samantha’’ boldly written on them. There was a huge birthday cake standing in a corner and there was another petite chocolate cake made in form of Sam’s Fendi bag. It was her birthday some days back and Maxwell had pretended to have forgotten his wife’s 35th birthday. ‘’ Oh my gosh! Sam said cupping her mouth with her left hand, Babe i love you so much.  All these for me? I thought you had forgotten my birthday ‘’.

‘’ That’s the idea hun Lara, Sam best friend said from the crowd; she made her way through the crowd and hugged her friend. They had been friends since college . They had been through thick and thin, when Sam’s father lost his battle to cancer, Lara was there for her, they are more or less like sisters.

‘’ Thank you so much Lara, you are the sister i don’t have, i appreciate you my good friend’’. Sam said as she hugged her friend tight.  

‘’Happy birthday Sam.’’ Mrs Alfred, Sam’s neighbour said as she handed her the shiny and beautifully wrapped box. ‘’ Thanks Mrs Alfred, Sam said as she slightly bent down to great Mrs Alfred. Even though Sam had spent literally all her life in Newyork, she hadn't forgotten that African culture her mother always instilled in her before she decided to move back to Nigeria where she came from.

Sam and Max had been married for five years. Sam loved Maxwell so much, the best thing that ever happened to her. Max was her everything, her best friend, her all.  Back in high school where they had met, Sam was this freaky nerdy genius everyone used to make fun of. She wore cloths that the other kids called ‘’uncool’’. No one wanted to be her friend; no one ever invited her to slumber parties and cool high school parties.  Maxwell on the other hand was a total opposite; he was the ladies’ man.  He rocked the whole school with his cool outfits. Usually baggy jeans and over-sized tees. Everyone loved Max. Girls wanted to be with him and to be seen with him, guys wanted to be him.

They actually really met after Sam was being teased because she wore braces to school one day and Max was the one that came to her rescue.  She couldn’t believe her ears; her luck when Max asked her out. She agreed to date Max and her life changed dramatically. She went from the uncool girl to the one of the most popular kid in school.  Nineteen years on, they were still together, married. 

Despite the love they shared and how successful they were something was lacking. A child to call their own. They had visited different hospitals, Sam was placed on  clomifene,  a fertility drug but all to no avail. Now at 35, she was more desperate than ever.

‘’ Maybe we should adopt.’’ Sam told Max one afternoon. Sipping his iced tea, Max disagreed. He wanted his own child. ‘’ We will have our child soon honey. I don’t like the idea of adoption, besides i am not complaining’’.  Sam loved her husband for this. Since they have been in search for a child, he hasn’t for once complained. ‘’ You are God sent Max.  Most men would have complained or worst of all have an affair with another woman. Thank you my dear and i hope i get pregnant in due time, i really wanna make you happy, i wanna make you complete.’’ Sam said as she kissed her husband passionately. Holding her hands and looking into her big hazel eye. ‘’ I feel complete anytime i look at you. I feel complete because i am married to you. ‘’ he said cupping her cheeks with his palms and planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

.....To be continued


Ginger said...

Dont understand why women have issues with adoption. Nice story..

Ope Adebayo said...

Thank you Ginger. I hope i can impress you guys with the rest. Thanks for reading.

kitkat said...

aww nice story. I'm scared though because everything seems so good. I hope maxx doesnt turn into a beast!!

Naijamum in L. said...

mmmm *biting my fingernails*:
I have a feeling something dreadful is going to happen....?!

Ope Adebayo said...

Awww.... Thanks guys. Lets wait and see what happens.
God bless you guys.