Monday, 18 April 2011

Hiya everyone, Today's blogging will be about some general stuff. I am working on 2 new stories and i pray i finish them as soon as possible so that i can upload them. Anyways i always have this argument with my friends as to weather or not to say Thank you to the  bus driver when u come off the bus. I personally think its unnecessary. Here in London (  I don't know about other places) you need to pay £2.20 on every bus you get on or better still top-up £4.00 on your oyster card, so why on earth should i say  Thank you ? not that i got on the bus for free or i paid half price... i really don't understand the reason for it. I had an argument with a friend because of this issue and he said that saying 'thank you' is just of appreciating the driver's effort for driving you and for dropping you off at your destination, my response to him  was IS THAT NOT HIS JOB? Please people what do you think? I need to be convinced if it's really necessary to say thank you.


kitkat said...

lool i've never really thought much about this. I use the metro rail so i dnt get to talk to the train conductor guy, but when i use taxi's i usually say thankyou when i get to my destination.
I think it's jst the Nigerian culture of thanking people for every little thing they do (regardless of whether u paid them to do it). It's the same way u say thanks to your hairdresser after she's done with your hair even though you're still going to pay her for the service lol
BUT it isnt cumpolsory to say thankyou sha :p

Ope Adebayo said...

Lol it is understandable to say thanks to hairdressers, cab drivers etc. I cannot comprehend the reason i should say thank you to bus drivers, some of them are really nasty.
Thanks for reading.

Ginger said...

I always say Thank you Ope. I always have near-miss adventures with my buses most times which really makes me appreciate the driver that acts human and waits.
Moreover I used to say thank you even to danfo drivers in Naija much less here. I think Everybody loves being appreciated.
But of course if the person acts nasty driver I will not.

Ginger said...

I notice the pain in your comment about the 2.20 fare, lol. You imagine the cool taxi ride you could have got in Abuja with that amount for the short distance abi?

What can I say...I feel the same way. pele :p

Ope Adebayo said...

Hehhehe, Ginger u got me here.I will learn how to say a simple thank you to them but that is if they are nice lol.