Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hi my people *waves and winks* I was going  through some things online and i came across this funny story and  i just had to share with you lovelies.

Enjoy  and crack ur ribs.

A 29-year-old self-styled Man of God has been nabbed by the Adenta District Police Command for allegedly inserting his fingers into the private parts of five women under the pretext of praying for them.
Prophet Richard Addo, who claims to be a member of Word Miracle Church at Nungua, a suburb of Accra, was arrested after one of the women boldly reported the incident to the police.

As at press time yesterday, the five complainants had given their statements to the Adenta police about the alleged acts of Prophet Richard Addo.

According to information available to DAILY GUIDE, Prophet Addo also charged the women various amounts of money ranging from GH¢150 to GH¢200 and as well tried to ravage their bodies.

According to one of the victims (named with-held), she met the man of God in November 2010 on the street where he told her that he had had a vision in which a baby was walking behind her and crying.

“I then confessed to him that I have had an abortion before and he said that he will help me pray to break that bondage.

“We then made an appointment to meet at my hostel for prayers. Later, he asked me to give him GH¢150 to purchase olive oil for the deliverance prayers while the remaining balance will also be used as seed money for prayer request.”

According to her, during a subsequent prayer session, Prophet Richard Addo asked her to strip naked in a hotel room while he used the olive oil to rub her whole body, following which he inserted the olive oil into her vagina.

Another victim also narrated that Prophet Richard Addo after meeting her, said it had been revealed to him that she was barren.

“He made me to pay GH¢200 for olive oil and the rest to be used as prayer request fees.”

She maintained that Prophet Richard Addo inserted four of his fingers into her private parts while praying for her.

Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, Adenta District Police Commander, DSP Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, said the victims reported to the police on Monday February 14, 2011 about what they allegedly went through at the hands of the self-styled pastor.

He said one of the victims reported first to the station that the said man of God took her laptop, an amount of GH¢150 and fingered her as well under the pretext of praying for her.

DSP Ahiatafu said in all, five women, some of whom were married and others students, had lodged complaints against the pastor.

“After collecting money from them, Prophet Richard Addo then takes them to a hotel room, rubs olive oil on their bodies, and inserts his fingers into their private parts as well,” the commander said.

He appealed to other women who might have fallen victim to his acts to report at the station.

When the self-styled man of God was asked to demonstrate how he did it, he said he inserted his four fingers into the women’s vaginas with the help of the olive oil.

No be small thing hehehe.


N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Is this real???

Our God is a forgiving God oh.
If men were God....fake pastors like these would be struck by lightning on a daily basis !

Ope Adebayo said...

Heheheehe i believe it's real.Its shows the end time is here. My God deliver us .

9jaFOODie said...

Sick sick sickkkkkkkkk.

Ope Adebayo said...

@9jaFOODie: Very sickk.

Muse Origins said...

Mehhhn! My mouth opened oh! This is messed up. Haba!

Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
Muse Origins

@ilola said...

And the pastor and the women, they are all at fault. Rubbishity and gullibility

Anonymous said...

I will not blame Pastors alone. Women have God-given brains. They should learn to use it. If an ordinary man had done this, they would have screamed bloody rape but when it is a pastor all of a sudden you forget your senses. mscheww


Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

Words fail me.

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

At least he didn't say he did it with the help of the 'Olive spirit'. Sick man.

Ope Adebayo said...

@Ginger, @itola and Adura ojo: I agree with you guys. It's so sad that most of the women didn't know he was sexually assaulting them. God help us.

Ibhade said...

wolves in sheep clothings!

Ibhade said...

Read the comments, & agree that women like to chase after prophecies and visions! i was in the shop one day when an old man stood by the door and greeted me, then said my in-laws were angry with me, that i should do SARA {offerings} by giving them salt and onions..blah, blah, blah! I JUST IGNORED HIM AND CONTINUED WITH THE COUNTING OF MY GOODS! saying within me; NAH TODAY? E DON TAY WHEN YANSH DEY FOR BACK! after waiting for a while and didn't get the desired reply from me, he walked away! i simply hissed & continued with what i was doing.

The TRUTH is that people want to hear that somebody or something is responsible for a particular problem they might be going through and seek for spiritual solution which necessary is not in all cases but simply the trials of life and probably they were the cause of their own misfortune!

like the abortion case?..abeg! then the cries of ALL the aborted children in 9ja would had made him DEAF!with their shrieks! Naked for deliverance??? & in a hotel room???? the church not the right place???...COMMON SENSE is definitely not common! mschewwww!

Ope Adebayo said...

Thanks Ibhade you are so funny. I totally agree with you. How can you agree to a deliverance service in an hotel room? They must be very dumb!

As for the fact that people love prophecies, its so true! They believe everything thing the so-called prophet tells them. Thanks for commenting.