Sunday, 7 August 2011


Y'ello  lovelies. How are we doing? This weekend was our youth anniversary and the theme was S'OLD OUT- Empowered by the spirit.  We started on Thursday and everyone had a perfect day in the presence of God. We opened with aerobics, football and BBQ and  Friday was out of this world. We had a guest speaker who talked to us  about the power behind media. I know most of us, if not all of us are aware of this Illuminati  stuff and the subliminal messages in worldly songs. All the stuff this man said was shocking. Even Disney channel isn't safe anymore. The reason why i decided to share this with you lovelies is that i want you all to be  conscious of what you watch and listen to. We watched a video about this man-apparently he's the founder of MTV, he was interviewed and what he said about this popular channel was shocking and disturbing. I didn't know it was going to be that powerful, i would have brought my camera with me to  video-tape the whole thing and post it here for you  guys. Please people i beg you, be mindful of what you watch and listen to. Mothers please be careful about the programs your children watch. The devil is bent on  getting us, we must not give him any chance what so ever to get us. I pray the grace of the lord will continue to guide us in all we do. Do not say ' oh this isn't real.'believe me it is. It is well.


*SweetlyBroken* said...

This is very true though! I've watched several videos on YouTube about this Illuminati stuff, and it's very scary! We just have to be careful and be on the look out, everyday. Only God can guide us to know what's right from wrong. Thanks for sharing this though. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sister for this alert.

Yes, i also had been concerned about what is shown on T.V..even some cartoons are not safe anymore, i wonder why they present 'evil' to look skeletons, vampires, demons, ghosts...right now, my kids are watching cartoon while i am browsing and both are ADDICTIVE! I don't watch any MUSIC channel or listen to any becox it is mostly SEXUALIZED! ....i really dunno..maybe stop paying the subscriptions? ....*sigh!

@ilola said...

Sisteee, there's more to what we see than meets the eye, but if we really tell people the truth, they will think we are freaks and extremists. God will keep us

Ms.Buki said...

This is true talk!! I was talking to siblings about all the subliminal messages in music videos, and was told "I don't believe that rubbish". Not until some of their friends had a similar view.

I've been weary about music and certain things on tv for a while now to the point that I just don't have popular (secular) music playing in my home.

We must be very watchful!

Ope Adebayo said...

@*SweetlyBroken*, Ibhade, @tilola and Ms Buki: Its a very serious and disturbing case. To think nothing is safe anymore is just sad. we need to be conscious and careful.

Thanks for commenting.