Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Aloha people! Hope you are all good? There’s something i have been willing to talk about and i just thought i should share with you guys. I sincerely apologize to anyone that finds this offensive, i didn’t mean to be rude, i just need to get it off my chest.
I have been in Uk for the 6 years now and i have since noticed something about Uk kids/teenagers.  Most of them are so rude, geez! I am not talking about Oyinbo kids/teenagers here, i am talking about African kids, especially Nigerians.  I am not trying to be stereotypical but mehnn, i have noticed that a lot of times.  The reason why a child should talk back at his/her parents is beyond my comprehension, Fine, sometimes our parent can be a little ‘somehow’ but that should give us the effrontery to talk back at them, it’s just plain rudeness!
I was at a house one day, the mum was struggling to carry a barrel of water while the 20 year old son was just sitting down watching football, and the mum could not call the guy to carry the stuff, i asked myself a question, ‘’ Why are you watching TV when you can see your mum struggling to carry a barrel of water you will all drink???’’ and i just couldn’t find an answer to this question. I don’t understand why some parents choose to treat their kids like oyinbo kids, some oyinbo people disciplines their children, I was one the bus one day and this oyinbo kid was disturbing everyone on the bus ,you need to see the way walloped him, i was surprised.  Again i sincerely apologize if you find this offensive.


Ginger said...

No apologies Ope. Its a true comment. When Nigerians spoil their kids, they do it in excess as usual.

Ope Adebayo said...

Thank you Ginger for agreeing with me. It drives me insane when i see unruly African kids.
Thanks for reading.