Friday, 18 March 2011


So recently i have been watching alot of home videos, Ghanaian movies to be precise. I actually prefer Ghanian movies to Nigerian movies, i mean their storyline is  always superb. I watched '' Under my pillow'' and  ''Last hour romance''( conclusion to under my pillow) recently and i must confess it was beautiful. Those people are really trying. Ok, so there's something about me that i didn't add to 7 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME. please don't tell anyone, i know it sounds lame but i can't help it, wait for it... wait for it. I FANCY PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW I EXIST! There i said it! I have alot of them, and i just added one to my long list, his name is Price David Osei. Oh my gosh he's so hott. I usually don't go for muscular guys but this one is exceptional. Here is a picture of him.

 Is he not hott?


kitkat said...

lol i hate both nigerian and ghanian movies. they are the same to me,lol. the guy u'r tripping for is jst ok,lool :p

Ope Adebayo said...

Lol. Ghanian movies are really good (trust me). Did u say he's just ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Dnt steal my boyfriend!

flow said...'re tripping for him?..he'z not cute least not as much as i am ;)

Ope Adebayo said...

@ Flow : I am not only tripping for him,i am in LOVE with him, he's SEXY!

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