Tuesday, 21 December 2010


    From its handout
    Life taught me
     I was naive
    It was tough.
    From its handout
    I learned
    It was impious.
    It also said
    For all thy actions,
    Thou shalt be responsible.
    It also stated:
    Upon irrelevant things
    Thou shalt not waste time,
    For short is the length of life.
    In its handout
    Its is written:
    Time waits for no man.
    It also taught me:
    Your actions,
    Thou shalt control,
    Lest they enslave you.
    In its handout,
    Life taught me
    I learned:
    If thou failest in doing something.
    thou shalt keep trying
    Till thou succeedeth.
    From its handout
    life taugth me
    I also learned:
    That inevitable is death.
    From life 101 handout
    I learned life goes on... no matter what.
    This prayer, pray I:
    That in life's exam,
    May 100% be my score!

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